Welcome to my website and thanks for stopping by.

Here's a bit about me:

I started my first job in a chiropractic office in 1979 and chiropractic soon became the love of my life.  I have been privileged and blessed to have been a part of one of the most important and amazing professions on the planet. Not only have I seen miracles in my own health and my families health but I have had the opportunity to see chiropractic miracles almost every working day of my life since 1979.

I was also a  licensed private investigator for several years and paired the knowledge I had about chiropractic administration with loss prevention.  For many years I consultant for chiropractors showing them how to implement systems to guard against loss.  These systems also increased practice growth, one of my biggest wins was a growth increase of over 300% in just a few short months.  I still enjoy consulting and take on one or two of these clients per year.

In 2005, I purchased Pathmark from Dr. Sher Bovay.  Dr. Bovay started Pathmark Locum Service in 1991 and being a chiropractor herself she realized the need and the importance for locums within the chiropractic profession.

Pathmark provided me the ultimate profession,  allowing  me to do what I love which is  helping  others as much as I can.... in good times and in bad times (vacation, maternity leaves, sabbaticals, illness, family emergencies). Pathmark has also allowed  me live my dreams and to work in the sunny south during the winter :).