​Have Locum....Will Travel

Pathmark Locum Service 

Need A Locum?

Maximize your time

Having a locum doctor allows you to maximize your time away. Since Pathmark does all the work, we save you the stress & time of looking for and screening candidates.

Earn income - while you’re away

By having a locum doctor maintain your practice during your absence, your practice will continue to generate revenue.

Peace of mind

Pathmark Locum Service Inc. will provide you with a professional locum doctor, objectively matched to the specific practice requirements you asked for, with emphasis on your philosophy, technique(s) and practice management style. Since you make the final choice of doctor, you are more comfortable knowing your patients will be well cared for while you’re away.

Competitive costs

Booking a Locum through Pathmark costs the same as hiring an independent locum, except you receive the following benefits at no extra cost!!

Security through Advance Booking - booking your locum in advance ensures time for both parties to be better prepared

Contracts - Pathmark prepares all paperwork to ensure your protection and privacy